Spotlight on Crew

Ronny Vasquez Suazo, iLounge Assistant, Celebrity Eclipse
Ronny Vasquez Suazo, iLounge Assistant, Celebrity Eclipse

Ronny Vasquez Suazo: Making Dreams Reality

While growing up in Honduras, Ronny Vasquez Sauzo’s single mother inspired him to learn computer systems and multiple languages. After studying pedagogy and computers at the National University in Honduras, he went on to work as a graphic designer, computer technician, programmer and teacher. In November 2012, Ronny joined Celebrity Cruises as a Celebrity Cleaner and pool butler aboard the Celebrity Eclipse — with no prior housekeeping experience. Five months later, after becoming a staff attendant, Ronny’s techy talents were recognized by iLounge Manager Richard Shillington, who mentored and trained Ronny on Apple products. Equipped with a strong work ethic, profound respect for his fellow co-workers and dedication to the STAR philosophy, Ronny earned his first gap pool promotion to iLounge Assistant in summer 2013. He now is considered a Macologist and recently applied for a permanent position. “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic,” said Sauzo. “It takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

Captain Johannes Tysse: Leading by Example

Captain Johannes Tysse, Azamara Journey
Captain Johannes Tysse, Azamara Journey

Raised among the fjords of Bergen, Norway, Captain Johannes Tysse first became fascinated with seafaring adventure after hearing tales of his grandfather, who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean on Norwegian-American liners. Since taking the helm of the Azamara Journey in June 2010, he’s shared his passion in a variety of ways, as he persistently aims to create a memorable experience for both his professional crew as well as onboard Azamara guests. Whether it’s engaging his crew by sending out daily inspirational quotes, or steering the ship so that guests can admire a spectacular sunset, Captain Tysse leads by example through his own commitment and actions. “Seeing other people grow, while guiding and coaching them,” said Captain Tysse, “has been a very rewarding experience.”

Reah Belmonte: A Passionate Motivator

Reah Belmonte, Waiter Lead
Reah Belmonte,
Waiter Lead

Hailing from Manila, the Phillippines, Reah Belmonte began her hospitality career as a casino dealer before becoming a restaurant stewardess and then assistant waiter for two different cruise lines. Since joining the Royal Caribbean International team, she’s worked her way all the up to an esteemed Waiter Lead position. Always respectful and attentive, Reah continues to receive abundant positive feedback from onboard guests, who commonly appreciate her friendly smile. Reah displays a passion for performing her daily tasks and a commitment to her work, while being a reliable and trustworthy asset to restaurant operations. Described by her managers and colleagues as an effective communicator, Reah often takes initiative to ensure her responsibilities are executed to the highest level. “Recognition, follow up and respect,” said Belmonte, “are the best to motivate my fellow co-workers to achieve our goals.”

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