10 Most Photo-Worthy WOWs on Quantum

Royal Caribbean guests light up social media with shots of their favorite features aboard Quantum of the Seas.

Inaugural sailing of Royal Caribbean International’s newest cruise ship Quantum of the Seas, on November 14, 2014
Inaugural sailing of Royal Caribbean International’s newest cruise ship Quantum of the Seas, on November 14, 2014

The dazzling New York City skyline served as the perfect backdrop for the highly anticipated inaugural sailing of Royal Caribbean International’s newest cruise ship Quantum of the Seas on November 14, 2014. The groundbreaking ship is not only the first in Royal Caribbean’s Quantum class, but also the world’s first smartship, toting a bevy of unprecedented first-at-sea features and amenities.

Guests onboard Quantum can now be online and connected 24/7 thanks to superfast wireless speeds. As they continue to explore the ship’s cool new features, social media is buzzing with snapshots of guests’ onboard experiences, while they enjoy interactive art, new Dynamic Dining venues and adventures from skydiving to bumper cars. They couldn’t wait to share these all new WOWs with the world. Here are the Quantum features lighting up social media.

1. North Star

Quantum’s gleaming observation capsule picks up all the glow of the sunset and sky, making for a beautiful photo opportunity, even from the exterior. Not to mention the views for those inside it, from 300 feet above sea level.

2. The Bear

Affectionately dubbed “Felicia” by Quantum’s crew members, this massive magenta sculpture is a favorite photo subject. But at 8 tons and 30 feet tall, you’ll need a wide-angle perspective to accurately capture all of artist Lawrence Argent’s amazing work.

Back on #quantumoftheseas today, my home away from home this month

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3. RipCord by iFLY

Skydiving at sea is a photo opportunity that RipCord by iFLY participants just can’t pass up. With 100 mph winds keeping you afloat, it takes the perfect moment to capture your flight.

#QuantumoftheSeas iFly!!!! #ripcord #skydiving #royalcaribbean #cruising #selfiesunday #royalwow

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4. Bionic Bar

This bartending robo duo is made for the camera – especially during the moments when they take a break from their shakers to shake it to the music. Guests at Bionic Bar order drinks on iPads, with a list of upcoming drinks projected on two screens. The bartenders split the orders and deliver your drink on a conveyor belt activated by your SeaPass card or WOWband.

Quantum of the Seas. Bionic Bar #bionicbar #cruise #robots #robotparty

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5. Vistarama

Quantum’s Two70 is a room that’s like no other room in the world. And the backdrop to it all is a vast expanse of windows that transforms into a wrap around screen, nearly three decks tall – the Vistarama. With stunning 12k resolution, Vistarama can show any scene, real or imagined, with stunning clarity. One night, you may be flying through space. The next, you’ll be docked at the ‘Impossible City,’ a cityscape made up of the world’s greatest landmarks. During Two70’s signature show, Starwater, the Vistarama transports the audience from the stars to the seas with magical effect.

Starwater aboard #QuantumoftheSeas a must see when cruising on this ship.

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6. Roboscreens

Just in front of the Vistarama, six giant screens descend from the rafters to stage surprise performances. Spanning 7 feet and powered by industrial robotic arms, the Roboscreens are perfectly timed to dance and display video graphics in unison. When paired with music, lights and human performers, it’s truly a mesmerizing display that begs to be shared.

7. The glass floor

Quantum of the Seas features a cantilevered glass platform that juts out into the empty space between elevator shafts, allowing you to see straight down, ten decks high. Have a fear of heights? This is a photo opportunity you might want to skip.

8. Digital art

Is that picture moving? On Quantum, the answer is usually yes. Many artworks onboard have a whimsical digital component – like an art piece near the Windjammer Marketplace that features many framed, close-up videos of blinking eyes.

9. Elevator menagerie

The elevators on Quantum feature a quirky collection of prints from artist Deming Harriman, of different animals outfitted in stylish accessories. From a lemur with a martini to a giraffe in sunglasses, this wild pack is making a splash with guests.

#royalcaribbean #quantumoftheseas too cool for this

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10. Yourself!

With so many awesome and unique sights, guests can’t resist taking a few Quantum selfies while onboard. November 12 marked the world’s largest #selfieatsea, with Quantum guests posting selfies for the chance to be broadcast on a billboard in New York City’s Times Square. The event was so successful, Quantum of the Seas trended in second place on Twitter and the pics were seen by millions worldwide.

Selfie at Sea

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